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Transit Neptune Square Venus This period of time will be very difficult in your relationships, personal as well as professional, and the effects can be quite confusing. In your existing relationships, you become highly idealistic about the way the partnership should work.
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Oct 25, 2017 · Transit Venus square Uranus - The desire to end a relationship Hey guys, this week I've been questioning myself about my current relationship and there is a Strong desire inside me, a voice screaming for freedom and telling me that being single would be better.
Jan 16, 2018 · Neptune square and opposite Venus often represents the dissolution of a relationship, and meeting someone under such transit often indicates that the entire relationship will be lived for the purpose of ending it. Secret affairs, or dysfunctional relationships that you know you should end but still pursue because butterflies and pink goggles. Uranus won't move on from Taurus until 2025, but due to its current retrograde, it'll actually slide back into Aries for a brief visit starting tomorrow, November 6, until early March 2019. We ... For example, when it comes to transits, I didn't do the research very closely, but I personally know of the 2 couples where a man was cheating. They started having a side relationship during the transit Uranus square natal Venus. I think it's a classic transit that may suggest that the person will need some extra stimulation in relationship.
Your Horoscope This Week Refinery 29 UK via Yahoo News · 10 hours ago. This transit creates a sextile with innovative Uranus, preparing us to accept change.On Wednesday, affection-ruling Venus forms a square against... He married his second wife Lilly, on 12 th June 2009, when there was a passionate and aggravated Venus Mars in Taurus trine Pluto; a head-in-the-clouds, illusory Sun trine Neptune Jupiter; as well as Sun in a needs-space square to Uranus and in a cool square to Saturn. Not ideal. I do have Venus square Uranus and Venus square Saturn in my natal chart and I can go without being in relationships for a long time. After being in a relationship for 9 years I did start to feel like I needed something different. So yeah these placements can be difficult to deal with. I don't like the idea of being tied down.
the following more "exotic" midpoints (orb 1) found in the natal charts are also very significant: the Sun sextile the Venus/Pluto midpoint (Chi square = 25!) the Black Moon (the Mean Apogee of the Moon) semi-sextile the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint the Sun semi-sextile the Mercury/Uranus midpoint the Black Moon semi-sextile the Jupiter/Saturn ... Cheating; chiron conjunct mercury; ... sun conjunct uranus; sun conjunct venus; sun in gemini; ... venus square pluto; Venus square Saturn;
This week Venus will move into Taurus and align in a perfect conjunction with Uranus - prepare to flexible in relationships! The Sun will also conjunct Neptune and align our consciousness with the dream realm! Learn more about this week’s aspects in this week’s horoscope podcast. Stay to the end to hear the Rune of the Day from Stevie! 🎶 Mix of Starbirthed's tracks: Cosmic Call, In ...
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