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For example, the command: EVAL "return {KEYS[1],KEYS[2],ARGV[1],ARGV[2]}" 2 key1 key2 first second causes the execution of a user defined Lua script that simply returns the values supplied. The call is involved with 2 Redis keys (key1 and key2) and two parameters.
lua-redis-dev_2..5~git20141117.880dda9-4_all.deb. Redis client library for the Lua language, examples and tests.That concludes our whirlwind tour of accessing Redis through Python, including installing and using the Redis REPL connected to a Redis server and using redis-py in real-life examples. Here’s some of what you learned: redis-py lets you do (almost) everything that you can do with the Redis CLI through an intuitive Python API.
The Spring Data Redis project applies core Spring concepts to the development of solutions by using a key-value style data store. We provide a “template” as a high-level abstraction for sending and receiving messages. View license def test_register_script_client(self): # lpush two values in LIST1 in first instance of redis self.redis.lpush(LIST1, VAL2, VAL1) # create script on first instance of redis script_content = LPOP_SCRIPT script = self.redis.register_script(script_content) # lpush two values in LIST1 in redis2 (second instance of redis) redis2 = MockRedis() redis2.lpush(LIST1, VAL4, VAL3) # execute ... redis-labs-use-cases has a couple of examples of using Redis to analyze geospatial data and tweets. redis-migrate-tool is a library to make it easier to move data between redis clusters and groups. redis-rdb-tools parses the Redis' database storage files and can dump the contents to JSON files.
Feb 03, 2020 · Redis framework is the top pick for “hot data,” or the information you need to process fast. In this case, it’s able to process up to 1GB at once. It has an effective message transport system that is easily replicated on various machines within one cluster. Redis Lua library, that allows one to interact with a Redis database from the Lua language. This package contains examples and test files for the Lua redis client library.
May 04, 2017 · Lua scripting (as of 2.6) Built in clustering (as of 3.0) Extremely fast at everything; ... Some Example Applications where Redis can be extremely usefull: E-Commerce Applications : Most of the e ... See full list on An experimental .NET Redis client that uses a special syntax for easing LUA script invocation named “procedures”.The interface is based on templated strings, allowing to execute custom defined server side procedures as regular Redis commands.
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