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Modify your Google Sheets QUERY function to read: =QUERY(countries,"SELECT B, D",1). 9. This time we've selected only columns B and D, so so it must be something else in your select statement that is not working. It looks like you're missing a closing single quotation after the Sheet8!G17...
A quick way I've set this up with Google Sheets is via IMPORTDATA(), combined with a url that dumps a csv of my query results. That way people can do all sorts of analysis and manipulation in a different tab while being able to refresh the underlying data. QUERY function is one of the best and most useful functions in Google Sheets. Here is a detailed guide on using it (with examples). In this tutorial, I will explain the Query function and show you a lot of practical examples of how you can use it in Google Sheets.
In this case, selecting the Load Book-list menu item causes Sheets to attempt to run the loadBookList() function (which doesn't exist yet). Results. Let's run this function now to see that it works! Do the following: In Google Sheets, reload your spreadsheet. Note: this usually closes the tab with your script editor.
Luckily, Google Sheets query function is a simple and powerful tool (even if you don't know SQL). It's intuitive to learn as it uses English words like "SELECT" You're in the right place if you're looking for nested query google sheets functions, google sheets query col1, google sheets query select...Using cell reference in Google Sheets Query is a little tricky but easy to follow once you start using it. Use this tutorial as a reference guide whenever you want to use cell reference as a criterion/condition in the Query WHERE Clause in Docs Sheets.
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